3D Site Maps + Topography

Whether you are a home builder or developer, you know how important it is to show your potential clients an accurate portrayal of the home or property they are thinking about buying or leasing.

Previous marketing strategies involved a physical, topographical site map displayed in the sales office under glass, consisting of plaster, balsa wood, paper, and/or props and hand painting. Physical site maps can be extremely expensive, and are limited to one single, physical location.

FogNoggin offers the ability to create the site maps and topography for site plans virtually, in 3D.  You now have the ability to market broadcast your site maps and topography to web, smart phone, touch display, and other digital mediums.

Additionally, we can create your site maps to show surrounding views, and we can portray your property by way of multiple animation and display options, including rotating 360 degree, fly overs, fly through animations, or of course still images. We can also add effects or collage work as well to highlight various amenities that you would like to specifically market, from roof decks to pools or name brand shops.  When it comes to virtual, there are few limitations.

At FogNoggin, our desire is to create all that you can imagine, and increase your marketing and sales, filling your properties 44% faster, and speeding up your return on investment.