def (noun):

  1.  a state of mental confusion, mental roadblock, creative malaise that halts all progress and leaves one in a state of bewilderment about what to do next.
  1.  a talented group who creatively cures forms of brain fog and gets your production rolling quicker, better, more efficiently, and with overall excellence.


Our team members are not assets; our clients are not profits. Our goal at FogNoggin is to have mutually encouraging relationships with each of our team members, the creative individuals whose artistic and technical assets populate our site, as well as our clients, the people that buy the stunning 3D assets and digital content our team produces. We see our team members as individuals, and hope to increase their passion for design, and hope to help them focus on what they love within a community of like-minded people. Equally, we strive for strong business relationships with our clients. We would like to enhance our clients’ experience with us as they have just as much a voice in the direction of the Digital Arts as our team. We see the relationship between our team and our clients to be vital; our hope is to draw both into a community or collaborative efforts that define the future of the Digital Arts.


Erik DixonFogNoggin Co-creator (getting things started)

Rebecca DixonFogNoggin Co-creator (making things happen)

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